Monday, November 19, 2012

Spring 2013 Colors!

Think Spring!
Pantone is the leading authority in fashion colors. They have recently released their color forecast for spring 2013.

Do you follow color trends?
How do they effect your work?
How are you going to use these colors in your
work for your spring collection?

As an enamel artist I don't try to hunt down the beads that are in the colors that are hot for a season, I create the colors through layering opaque and transparent enamels. So off to the studio I go! Time to experiment!

When trying to replicate colors, the first thing I do is look at my Thompson Enamel Chart. Here is a picture of the enamel colors page from my Thompson Catalog. I have underlined the colors that I own. I do the same with the transparent colors.

I decided to try to recreate Monaco Blue. First I tried 2 coats of Harvest Opaque and 1 coat of Nitric Transparent, no quite dark enough for my liking. Then I tried 2 coats of Bluejay Opaque and 1 coat of Nitric Transparent ---BINGO! I know you really can't tell the difference in the picture, but under a good light or outside there is a difference. My second attempt was a much closer match.

I will repeat this process for each of Pantone's spring color selections. It is really trial and error, and sometimes I just can't quite get it.

Now that I have the color down I write my recipe on my copy of Pantone's Spring Colors that I printed out from the website. (as you can see I dropped some water on this copy!)

So now I have a challenge to all the amazing artists out there! In the comment section list the stones and crystals that you feel most closely match the Spring colors. If you work in polymer or enamel; what combinations create these colors? Go head and experiment and share your recipes!
Have fun!

Heather M.

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