Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New York City -Shopping

So what do a group of girls and 1 guy do when they get together?  They go shopping in NYC!  (and not on 5th Ave.)

Here we are, having a blast hanging out at CJS Wholesale.
From left to right:  Jim, Bobbi, Me (Heather), Barbara, Shoshana, and Lynnea.  

Here is a peak of what we did that day.  Later blogs are going to focus on each location and things you should know before  you go.  

First we went to CJS, be prepared to spend lots and lots of time here.  

Here is a picture of the chain room.
<------  You have to purchase the entire spool.

Below is a photo of a shelf full of flat back crystals. 
Everything is sold by the pound.

Next we headed off to get some food.  (Jim was starving, the girls were unaware of our hunger.)

After eating and getting our strength back, we headed off to York Beads.  Love glass beads?  Love Czech glass beads?  This place is for you!  The walls are filled with a rainbow of colors and shapes.
Be prepared to buy whole hanks of beads.  You can not split a hank on site, that is what friends are for.      ;)

Across the street from York Beads is a wonderful ribbon boutique.  While hanging out at Tinsel Trading Company a man came in to pick up an order from Martha Stewart.  Wow! We were shopping where Martha shops!

Our final stop of the day was at Metalliferous, one of my favorite places.  If copper shapes are what you are after, this is the place to find them.

I am hoping to go back to NYC sometime early spring 2013.  You can follow my NYC Bead Trip board on Pintrest.


  1. I'm almost positive I've been in that ribbon store, or one very similar!

  2. We love you guys. So glad you had fun at CJS!! And made awesome jewelry with our parts!!!
    Thanks, Elyse