Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Special Order

I was asked to make this necklace by a friend, it is similar in design to one I did in pink.  I love the combination of blue and purple with the black chain.  I will be cutting more discs tomorrow to make one in shades of green and maybe one in about browns or black and white?  The ideas are flowing!

And here are matching earrings:

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


This is the first blog post of CSW Designs:  Jewelry by He-He Beads.

A bit about the name CSW Designs:  Jewelry by He-He Beads; He-He Beads goes back to my childhood when my younger brother called me He-He instead of Heather.  CSW is the result of my business name being Crystals, Stones and Wire when I first started making jewelry.  Well I no longer use many crystals or stones, so I shortened the name and ta-da!  CSW Designs:  Jewelry by He-He Beads was created. 

I love enameling, texture, heating, patinias, riveting and folding metal.  My jewelry ranges from simple pendants to OOAK artistic creations.