Saturday, March 25, 2017

Bead Soup 2017

After avoiding the studio most of the winter, it was great to be forced back into it with this Bead Soup edition.
My partner, Maria Rosa Sharrow, has an addition to Labardorite!  She sent me some amazing pieces to work with, and it was a challenge since it is not something I am usually drawn to.  Also in her soup, she included some vintage crystals.  As you can see in the picture, I have a vintage lamp in my dinning room and the kids made sure I realized that some of the crystals matched!

Also in my package were 3 strands of labradorite, each unique and fun to work with. Rosa also included 2 cabs and 1 focal bead.  Since I am not good with bezel setting yet, I have not used the round cab yet.  I have some ideas, but need to practice soldering first.

You can see Rosa's Etsy show here
Her shop is called Willow Street Gifts. Since I live in Lancaster County, PA I am close to the town of Willow Street, so I was slightly confused when I saw her shop name.  I was thinking she might live close to me!  lol

I also love vintage!  I used a vintage finding to create this necklace using the large bead and drops.
I love this new app I found to edit pictures. Isn't it cool?
A different view of the necklace.  Brass chain, wire and findings. 
Here I enameled some filigree beads to show off the sparkle of the vintage crystals.

This is my favorite piece. The only problem is the one tab snapped off while I was setting the stone.  As a result, I had to add the wire wrapped to hold the bead in place.  I was thinking of redoing the setting, but ran out of time.  I love how the bail came out.

To check out everyone's work, here is a link back to Pretty Things.  

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