Friday, July 6, 2012

The Rest of Them! Sun and Sea Challenge

 Finally got the rest back from my mom and finished up one that I was working on.  First, is a blue and orange pendants (yes orange and blue again!)  The blue is a piece of copper that I enameled and riveted an enameled orange flower to it. 

 The 3 shell beads were a challenge for me as they are really not something I normally use.  They have a wonderful iridescent shimmer to them so I created a lariat style necklace with them using a multi colored ribbon to hang them from.  The other end of the lariat I attached a vintage piece of filigree.  Both sides are accented with coordinating crystals.

 The last two I created with the amazing polymer clay pieces I received.  As you can tell I love using fiber to accent some of my pieces.  The piece above I stamped and domed a copper washer.  The bottom piece I used an enameled head pin to attach the ribbon and the textured jump ring. 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

CBC Summer by the Sea Challenge

A few months ago I received an amazing array of hand mane pieces to create jewelry with.  I wish my summer was by the sea, but it is spent by the pool.  Notice I did not say "in the pool!"  This is my daughter, a member of the local summer swim team, and doing quite well this year!  Since it is hard to take my torch and hammers with me to the pool I have not had much time in the studio.

My first piece was inspired by the amazing focal, I love using fiber in my designs and felt that the unique copper clasp could not be hidden in the back.  The copper beads between the blue ceramics ones are from my NYC stash and are from the 1940's or 50's.  

Not sure why I could not get the piece rotated the right way.  Here is another view.

Next I worked on some earrings, I really like how these came out.  The wire are handmade, it is something I can do sitting by the pool! 

I've been a blue mood this summer, making lots of blue jewelry.  I guess I am inspired by the blue sky, the blue water and my blue hydranga that I have in my front yard.  So using the orange components was quite a challenge, so I went back to my favorite blue and combined it with the orange.  I enameled copper pieces, stacked them and added the orange beads to complete the look.  

I do not have a picture of my final pieces, my mom borrowed them to wear one day and I have to get them back!  She does this all the time.  I'll post the pictures as soon as I can.  
Enjoy the blog hopping!

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