Wednesday, July 30, 2014

NYC Bead Babe Field Trip

Have you ever wanted to shop for jewelry supplies in NYC?
Have you ever wanted to explore the hidden warehouses, but didn't know where to start?
Don't want to go it alone in the big city?
Want to go with a bunch of crazy jewelry artists types that will understand that glint in your eye when you find the exact color of vintage lucite you've been searching for?

You are in luck!  Join us Sunday - Tuesday, August 24-26 for a NYC Bead Buying Binge!

Our general plan:

Leave Bead Fest on Sunday and travel to NYC. 
Arriving by train, early evening. 
Check into our hotel.
New York Manhattan Hotel
Explore the area and grab some dinner. 

Shop 'til we drop!
Places we are definitely going to:
Metalliferous, York Beads and CJS Sales.
Who wants to come with me?  CJS Sales: Secret NYC Jewelry Supply Warehouse. This is JUST the chain room — a must for jewelry designers in or visiting the city!
The Chain Room At CJS

Other places we want to check out:
Beads World, M&J Trimming, Toho and Mood Fabric
Plus any shop we want to stop into as we go from place to place. 

More shopping 
Return to places we didn't have enough time at. 
Hit the places we passed but didn't stop. 
Go to the places on our list we didn't get to. 
Leave the city by 3:00

Can't come for the entire time?
Meet up with us just for the day!

Want more info?

My Pintrest NYC Bead Board.
Has pins to lots of amazing places in NYC to buy supplies and beads.


  1. Hi, Heather do we need tax ID for trip?

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