Saturday, March 8, 2014

NYC ~~~~~ Again!

I went to NYC again!  This time I was there for 5 days. 
This was the view from the hotel room. 
View at Night
Notice the snow on the roof tops!

I was tagging along on a business trip that my hubby had to go on. One of his co-workers also brought his wife, Natasha, along. We hit it off immediately, was like finding a long lost friend. :)
Friday night we caught a play, Cinderella.  It was wonderful, with Fran Drescher as the Evil Stepmom. 


On Saturday, Natasha and I headed to Mood Fabric. The store is amazing, 3 floors of wonderful material, trims and ideas!  I bought some leather lace that looks like barbed wire, I just could not pass it up. Natasha bought some beautiful fabric to make a scarf.

After shopping in the morning, we met up with our husbands and went to Ground Zero.  The memorial is breathtaking. I felt it was an amazing tribute to those that lost their lives, yet was peaceful and healing at the same time. 
From here we split up, Rich and I headed to Chinatown to shop for tea (one of my obsessions) and lunch.

On Sunday, Natasha and I hit the shops on 5th Ave. We walked every floor of Sax, trying to find something we could afford!  Our feet were throbbing, but we plowed on. I drug her into Beads World where I picked up a bunch of chain and some findings. 
That night, the 4 of us went to the Carnegie Deli and had pastrami and cheese cake. 
I justified the calorie intake by the amount of walking I had done!

On Monday, Natasha had to leave and head back home. But, my friend Bobbi came in from PA on the bus......guess what we did?  BEAD SHOPPING! Check out Bobbi's work at

By the time we were done, our bags must of weighed 50 pounds. 
We went to Metalliferous - love this place!  Tools, metal, wire, copper, silver, brass, ols and new stuff!  Need patina?  They got it. Need sterling clasps?  They got it. Want the materials and tools to soldering?  They have that too. 

After our purchases were complete, we heading to York Beads. This place is floor to ceiling Czech Glass beads. Here is a picture of just half of one wall:
Here is what I bought. 

We left while we still had some money in our pockets, that is hard to do, and headed over to CJS
We were greated by the employee of the month, David. He is a hoot and everyone I have taken to CJS loves him. Karl, the owner, ordered pizza for us while we dug to find treasures to purchase. 

CJS is unique in that your purchase by the pound. And when we talk about a treasure hunt, that is what we mean!  Here are just a few pictures from our time there. 

Add caption
The Chain Room

My Favorite - the Metal Room.
I love this place!  
I will blog about what I make with all my treasures soon!


  1. So glad you had fun digging at CJS! Can't wait to see what you make with your treasures :) Elyse

  2. I know that New york again feeling. And when i was in New york i went to those bead shops too. IT seems like it must be easy to be a jewelry designer in NYC what with all those wonderful bead shopsHow do you get into CJS?