Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Soup

My soup arrived via Priority Mail all the way from Snowflake, AZ. The same day, I got a questionnaire for Federal Jury Duty in Philadelphia.  (Philadelphia is a good hour away without traffic). 
My soup partner is Gina Hockett.

I love the card! Let's all do the Bead Soup Happy Dance!
There were lots of little packages in the box all wrapped so pretty.
Inside each of those packages were little plastic boxes, all labeled. It took me almost 1/2 hour to peel the tape off and discover the little treasures inside!

The soup is beautiful!  Lampwork by two amazing artists, (Carolyn Collins and Laurie Armet) Czech glass, pearls, glass beads, sari ribbon and more!  My soup is simmering.......

Below is a picture of what I sent Gina. It was a quick picture I took at my work space. 

The Girls' Soup

Many of you know that my daughter, Sarah, and Staci's daughter, Julia, also exchanged soups. 
Julia is following in her mother's footsteps, creating beautiful polymer clay pieces. 
This is the soup that Julia put together for Sarah. Sarah loves all the bright colors of Ynonne's pieces and Genea's wing dings are so much fun!
But the polymer hearts are the best!  Sarah asked if I still has some polymer clay in the basement!  Staci, a play date might be in our future. lol. Sarah want to learn clay and she can teach Julia enameling! 
Below is a picture of the soup Sarah sent Julia. 

Doing the Bead Soup Happy Dance!

Heather and Sarah

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  1. thank you again for thinking of Julia! she is excited :)