Thursday, October 4, 2012

Metal + Glass + Fire = Jewelry

All about Torch Enameling
Here are the basics that you need to start torch enameling.
1. Copper or iron pieces. CSW Designs by Hehebeads on Etsy

2. Enamel and a torch. You can find those at Painting With Fire Studio. Barbara Lewis is an amazing artist and a good friend.

3. Have a safe place to work - After all you are using a torch. Make sure your table is protected and your torch is attached to our table.

I have a piece of Aluminum flashing I bought at the hardware store covering most of my table. On top of that I have a baking stone that is cracked, so I don't use it in my oven anymore, as my work surface.
My work space is a bit messy right now as I am getting ready for the holiday rush.
In the center of the table are some of my enamels, aren't the colors just yummy?

Here is another view of my work space. The shelves hold all of my enamels in labeled containers. I had a hard time trying to figure out how I was going to sort my containers, when my 9 year old daughter suggested I do it in "Rainbow Order." It was brilliant!
The bottom shelf holds all of my opaques and the top shelf has my transparent colors.
4. Have fun creating your own special color combinations and one of a kind jewelry components.
Here are some samples of my finished pieces:
This piece was made using the copper discs from the first picture.

Enameled iron bead, copper focal made from recycled copper pipe and a bit of recycled sari ribbon.

Hand cut copper discs enameled in blue.