Monday, February 18, 2013

Bead Soup - the beads


This is my first adventure with Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Party. So I was very concerned by what to send to my partner, is this enough beads? Or am I sending to many? To many beads! There is no such thing! What colors? What size?

I started looking through my stash....what would I like? Hummmm......monochromatic or all different colors or one primary color with a pop of another color? Neutrals? Brights? Pastels? The decisions were endless!

As I was rooting through my stash I picked out some beads to base my soup on; a few of these and some of those....with 3 or 4 small piles on my table I finally decided on some yummy red polka dot Czech glass beads.

I love these Czech beads!
They are just so much fun and whimsical! 
Like a little girl told me at a show: "Polka dots are the best!"

Once I decided on the red beads, I pulled out my enamel and started to try to create some pieces that matched - I decided on a soft gray to coordinate with the dots.

I made a few focal pieces - loved the one with the red polka dots the best.  Now I needed to decide if I should wire wrap it to create a bail or let that up to my partner.  After looking at Breana's Blog I figured she would like to have the creative license to figure out what to do with it.  Breana creates unique jewelry using vintage pieces and other things she finds.  You have to check out her Blog! Vault 31  Since she works with vintage pieces I also figured she would enjoy the recycle Sari ribbon in gray.

My next challenge after putting together my soup was a clasp.  I searched through my sash and found that I did not have anything that would fit, so I made one.   I did not patina the copper, allowing my partner to have a clean slate to play with.  I repeated the dot theme with the texturing of the copper. 

My Bead Soup Arrived!

I love the packaging!!!!!!  I think my daughter is a mermaid so it was perfect!

Inside I found a assortment of pearls, a beautiful starfish focal, some accent beads and unique headpins. 

   This soup is going to be a challenge as I don't usually work with gold findings, going to have to dig into my sash to find pieces to create a unique piece. 

Stay tuned to see what I create with my amazing soup!


  1. Very appetizing soups. The focal you made rocks!

  2. Thanks for sending me such lovlely pieces Heather. I'm excited to see what we and all of the others create!